Women are like lionesses at the gate of the home. . . . She guards that gate, and things matter to that family if they matter to her. . . . Sisters, you are each like the lioness at the gate. This means that there has to be some prioritizing. I was taught years ago that when our priorities are out of order, we lose power. If we need power and influence to carry out our mission, then our priorities have to be straight.

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Summer of Letters

Today I looked like a confused tourist.  Snapping pictures while sitting at stop lights, in parking lots, and inside stores.  The kids excitedly pointing and squealing and begging me to "take a picture of this one, Mommy!"

We were the letter A paparazzi.  And boy, did we hound that letter!  There was no hiding place too obscure, no size too small, no font too obscure for our well-trained eyes.  (And no amount of embarrassment to prevent the photo taking either.)

Our "Summer of Letters" started off with a bang today.  Look for us on more letter scavenger hunts around town.  No letters are safe!

Also included in our summer term:

* Practicing writing our names (R - letters in her name, S - capital to start, lowercase the rest)
Although, I personally like their signatures just fine the way they are.  And I am NOT looking forward to the day when Shae stops writing her S like a 2.  Plus, she prefers to write her favorite nickname: "2HAE2HAE" instead of Shaelyn.  Handwriting to me is like an indicator of childhood being left behind.  
And this Momma's not ready.

* Pencil holding in all its glory (complete with some really new awesome pencils and pencil grips)

* Plus non-letter-related fun with our newest subscription to Kiwi Crate!  
Read a really great review of Kiwi Crate here.
Or visit the official Kiwi Crate site here.
(But if you're going to subscribe, tell me first, because I can get you a referral discount.)

Happy Summer Schooling!